School of Cognitive Science

Brief Bio
I am an Assistant Professor of Cognition and Education in the School of Cognitive Science (CS) at Hampshire College and a founding faculty member of the Critical Studies in Childhood, Youth, and Learning (CYL) Program. Some of my students want to become teachers, others are interested in exploring educational spaces, and still others want to  examine the relationships among cognition, development, and instruction.  I am also the Curriculum Director for the Collaboration for Excellence in Science Education at Hampshire College, an outreach program that assists middle and high school faculty to adopt inquiry-based pedagogies and to teach more conceptually.  My current work with with 3 local districts working to incorporate student research on local carbon footprints into their science curriculums and to teach other topics through inquiry. I taught high school biology and physical science for six years before pursuing my doctorate in curriculum studies.  My current research interests include the connections among pedagogy, epistemology and other metacognitive structures, and higher order thinking.