Computer Animation II

Instructor: Chris Perry
Teaching Assistant: Will Colón

Hampshire College CS-266
ASH 126 MW 10:30 - 11:50am
spring 2009


Course Information Sheet
Syllabus (check often for revisions)
Response Journals
Digital Sculpture Techniques: How to Apply the Principles of Traditional Sculpture to Make Stunning 3D Characters (by Bay Raitt and Greg Minter)
Mouse Embryo Modeling with box method (scroll down to "intermediate")
An upper torso box-modeling tutorial in 12 parts
Keith Lango's page on the "pop-thru" (pose-to-pose) method
The tweenMachine home page


Assignment 1 (2009-02-02 10:30:00 GMT-05:00): Pre-requisite assignment
Assignment 2 (2009-02-11 10:30:00 GMT-05:00): Single-skin model (model sketches here)
Assignment 3 (2009-02-23 10:30:00 GMT-05:00): Articulated model
Assignment 4 (2009-03-02 10:30:00 GMT-05:00): Animation
Assignment 5 (2009-03-11 10:30:00 GMT-05:00): Shading and Lighting

Final Project (2009-03-25 10:30:00 GMT-05:00): Full Proposal

Screenings  Tir Nan Og (by Fursy Teyssier, 2007)
Tiji - Le Ballon (by Yoann Lemoine, 2008)
Theros (by Georgios Cherouvim, 2005)
Burning Safari (by Aupetit, et al, 2006)
Apres la pluie (After the rain) (by LEFEBVRE, et al, 2008)
A Short Love Story in Stop Motion (by Carlos Lascano, 2008)
Symphony (by Erick Oh, 2008)
PGI-13 (by Beom Sik Shim, 2004)
Confine(s) (by makoto yabuki , 2008)

Last updated: Friday May 1, 2009