Class Roster (current as of September 8, 2000)

The following students are enrolled in CS 159, Fall 2000, and should come to class on Monday September 11th with the reading assignment completed. The reading for Monday can be picked up on Friday in the Cognitive Science office on the first floor of ASH (Adele Simmons Hall). They’re open from 9:00 AM until roughly 4:30 PM (minus lunch). Please take a copy and check your name off the list once you do.

  1. Arce, Diana
  2. Baden, Sam
  3. Bensman, David
  4. Curtis, Meagan
  5. Forer, Leif
  6. Gabriel, Adele
  7. Goldblatt, Amanda
  8. Hopkins, Jason
  9. Ilieva, Miriana
  10. Johnson, Jesse
  11. Johnson, Sara
  12. Kao, Betty
  13. McKee, Cristin
  14. Nariman, Shaan
  15. Newman, Matthew
  16. Pierce, Michael (Benni)
  17. Porter, Katherine
  18. Reeve, Andrew
  19. Richardson, Sarah
  20. Tauch, Socheata
  21. Vasquez, Roberto
  22. Waxler, Michael
  23. Westbrook, Ben
  24. Zagar, Teo

All pre-registered students who came to the first day of class were admitted. The only students I took from the remaining pool (including the waitlisted students) were students who had not taken a class with me prior to this one. This explains why some people off the waiting list got in and others did not.

Sixteen of the 40 of you present on the first day did not make it into the class. For future reference, the best way to secure yourself a spot into this course is to pre-register! If you miss that opportunity, I will try to give some preference to those of you who came to the first class this semester when filling the remaining spots.

I’m glad to see so much interest in this course. If it goes well this term, I will do my best to offer it again. Sorry that there wasn’t room for everyone.