Project three: "Third World PSA"

The goal of this project is to create a short (30-60 second) public service announcement (PSA) using a time-based image compositing system such as Adobe After Effects. In the spirit of Hampshireís Third World Expectation, your PSA should teach the viewer something about a culture, a concept, or an ideology that is underrepresented in todayís western world.

By definition, therefore, you probably donít already know what your PSA will be about. Maybe there is something youíve heard about and want to explore in more detail - great! But perhaps youíre like many of us in that you know what you know, but you donít know what you donít know.

Donít worry, there is plenty to choose from. Consider it this way: the class as a whole is creating a set of PSAs with the loose theme of "things you rarely read about, talk about, hear about, or see" and yours needs to fit into this set.

Requirements (please see me if you have questions):

PART ONE due Monday, March 27th at the beginning of class

Hand in the TYPED script of your PSA with a bibliography of your reference sources. The script must contain the actual text that we will either see or hear. It is critical that you read the text to yourself and make sure that it can fit into a short PSA! This is NOT the appropriate project for delivering a long-winded lesson (save that for your final project if you wish).

If you are ahead of the game and want to describe the visual "action" please feel free to do so (i.e., the images we will see and how they might be animating).

The bibliography should be in standard format.

PART TWO due Wednesday, April 5th at the beginning of class

Place your final project as a rendered QuickTime movie on the e-work disk (folder: CS 116 Spring 2000/PSA projects). Make sure your movie plays on the iMacs in the e-classroom BEFORE class. And please donít use class time to download your movie. Either download it before class or bring it in on a Zip disk.