"Time of day" post-mortem

For the start of class on Monday, please write a 2-3 page double-spaced (typed) post-mortem for your completed "time of day" project.

The purpose of a production post-mortem is to look back on a finished project and identify the various successes and failures made along the way. In this way you can learn from your own experience while it is still fresh in your mind: successful techniques can be remembered and failed ones, once identified, will be easier to avoid in future projects.

Include the following elements:

1. Your name.

2. A brief description of the problem you tried to solve (i.e., "changing the apparent time of day from sunrise to nighttime for a photograph of a grizzly bear").

3. A feature-by-feature summary of the changes you made, and why (i.e., "For the sky, I wanted to change the deeply saturated and multi-hued color into a dark and unsaturated blue reminiscent of nighttime. To do this, I …").

4. An evaluation of your final image given the original goal. This is your opportunity to say where you think your image succeeds or fails, and why. Try looking at your final image out of the context of the project, that is, judge it on it’s own as an image of the particular time of day you were trying to mimic. Observe what you see in the image that is appropriate for that time of day and what’s not. Identify what would make the image better. If you discovered something along the way that explains a particular flaw or success in the final image (i.e., "I couldn’t change solid black into a brilliant green forest no matter how much I increased the value and saturation"), please note it! Was it even possible to succeed, given your source image? Why or why not?

Please PROOFREAD and spell-check your work.