Class Roster

The following students are enrolled in CS 355, Spring 2000, and should come to class on Monday February 7 with the assignment completed (buy a writer’s notebook and type up the 5-5-5 assignment we discussed in class):

  1. Borges, John
  2. Bowles, Bill
  3. Burke, Emily
  4. Cline, Kevin
  5. Ernst, Chris
  6. Kensinger, Nathan
  7. Kim, Sarah
  8. Kimmerlin, Adam
  9. Konschak, Jason Wilder
  10. Moshe, Jared
  11. Musco, Taj J.
  12. Osgood, Deb
  13. Pierce, Michael A.
  14. Robinson, Lucy
  15. Scott, Rebecca
  16. Stephens, Ben
  17. Strong, Perry
  18. Thieme, Brandon
We accepted 3 students over our original limit of 15 and therefore do not have a waiting list.

We hope to offer this course again in the Fall, and we’ll undoubtedly require essays again if that happens. If you did not get in this time, please feel free to contact us if you would like feedback on what you submitted.

Thank you all for your interest in the course, and we’re sorry there wasn’t room for everyone.

- Chris and Eric