Computer Animation II

Instructor: Chris Perry

FAC 447 MW 10:10am - 12:05pm
spring 2007



Course Information Sheet
Syllabus (always IP)
Response Paper Information Sheet

Assignment 1: Pre-requisite Assignment
Assignment 2: Single-skin organic polygonal model (model packet image here)
Assignment 3: Articulating the character
Assignment 4: Animating the character
Assignment 5: Shading and Lighting the character
Reference grid image, decal image, and bump/displacement image for texturing
Final Project: Proposal


Puppet (by Ivan Kaplow)
La Migration Bigoudenn (by Eric Castaing, Alexandre Heboyan and Fafah Togora)
Snack and Drink (by Bob Sabiston)
Maestro (by Géza M Geza)
Burning Safari (see full credits here)
Gjenta (by Eric Bakke)


Readings and Other Links

Digital Sculpture Techniques: How to Apply the Principles of Traditional Sculpture to Make Stunning 3D Characters (by Bay Raitt and Greg Minter)

Freedom of Teach Organic Modeling video
Bay Raitt's SpiraLoid site
MJ Poly Tools home page
OpenMayaToolbox home page

Andrew Silke's Generi Rig
Scott Englert's Mikey Rig

Last updated: Tuesday April 17, 2007