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   Human Physiology
   Animal Physiology

Neuroscience of Personality
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Cynthia Gill

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Master Objectives I      Master Objectives II

Transplant Conference Abstract 2011                     Sxn 2 Objectives                            Sxn 3 Objectives                                               Muscle Phys Objectives

Basic Physiology   Endocrinology Neurobiology Myology (Muscles)
APS Objectives Endocrine IP Review Neurotransmitter signal paths               Muscle physiology
Life of the Cell Neuro-endo reflex movie Action potential channel activity        Body movement movies
G-protein signal path  Hormone matching Wash Med Neuropaths                     Muscle names review
Passive,active transport   Hair cell mechanism               Excitation/contraction mech
Osmosis predictions   Mech for distinguishing sounds                Protein sliding filament movie
    Rhodopsin activation                           
    Photoreceptor mechanism                     
    Myopia and Hyperopia  
    Parasympathetic pupil reflex

Utah Med Neuroanatomy

 Illustration of the Heart            Illustration of Blood supply to the kidneys        

Cardiovascular:            Respiratory:                                Renal:                                    Digestive/Reproductive:

    Cardio Objectives        Resp Objectives                         Renal Objectives                   Dig/Reprod Objectives

    Heart Blood Flow         Lung Function Model                 Countercurrent Multiplier

    ECG tutorial 1

    ECG tutorial 2



  Dr. Cynthia Gill (Cindy) ,  cgill@hampshireedu

Office:  CSC 305;  Telephone 413-559-5358

Office Hours:  Mon 2-4, Tues 3:30-4 and by request,

TA:  insert name, someone@hampshireedu

Date   Readings Topics  
Sep 7 Th Ch.3 Basics of Physiology: Cell biology and tissues  
Sep 12 T Ch.5 Membrane dynamics Basics Problem Set
Sep 14 Th Ch.5 Body water and solute movement Water/Solute Problem Set
Sep 19 T Ch.6 Communication, integration, homeostasis Cell Comm. Problem Set
Sep 21 Th Ch.7 Endocrine System Endocrinology Problem Set
Sep 26 T   Endocrine cont.  
Sep 28 Th Ch.5,8 Nervous system  
Oct 3 T   Nervous cont.  
Oct 26 Th   Cardio  
Oct 31 T Ch.17,18 Respiratory Physiology         Lung Function Model