Dover's Web Page


Dover was born in New Hampshire along with four mates on February 10, 2008, and we traveled the winding, pot-holed back roads of New Hampshire to meet him and bring him home eight weeks later.

So far in his short life, Dover has marched the full length of the Northampton Pride March
with a smalll but enthusiastic Episcopal contingent,

[The Grace Church (Amherst, MA) banner is the second banner. Grace Church is Dover's church.]

marched with the faculty at Hampshire College's graduation, where he made a friend, and then slept through all the speeches.

He has viewed two Memorial Day parades, and attended the Confirmation party at Grace Church in Amherst.

He has completed Puppy Class
101a and is in the midst of Puppy Obedience 101b.

Dover adores his adopted Grandpop, Jonah, who considers him a cockroach on the road of life. Dover is deterimined to love Jonah to the max, and Jonah is slowly relentling.


Dover is a Welsh boy's
name meaning water.



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