Steve Roof's Simple Web page

Steve Roof's Simple Web Page

Steven Roof
Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Science
School of Natural Science
Hampshire College
Amherst, MA 01002
voice: (413)582-5667
fax: (413) 582-5448

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    Paleoclimate Data Set

    Below is a link to the paleoclimatic data set that is used in our 1996 Journal of Geoscience Education article (Roof and Savoy, 1996, Laboratory exploration of Pleistocene climate change, orbital forcing, and ocean-atmosphere interactions: Journal of Geoscience Education, vol. 44(3), p. 300-308).

    All of the data in the data file provided here were obtained and published by other researchers. I have only compiled the data into a single spreadsheet file. The original data, with additional information, and other paleoclimatic data, are available from the National Geophysical Data Center Web Site at

    I hope to be able to provide a compressed Excel file here for FTP transfer presently, for now however, click on the following link to display a tab-delimited text file. You can use your Web browser to capture and save the file (as text), then import it to your favorite spreadsheet or graphing package.

    Please see our 1996 JGE article for more information on how we have used this data for an inquiry-based introductory oceanography laboratory exercise.

    Field Photos from Svalbard

    The House at 21 Sunset Ave

    Photos from May 4-5

    paleoclimate data (tab-delimited text)

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