Computer Animation II

Instructor: Chris Perry
Teaching Assistant: Sarah Clark

Hampshire College CS-198T
ASH 126 MW 10:30 - 11:50am
fall 2007



Course Information Sheet
Course Syllabus
Bill Brand's Hand Made Films screening schedule
Production Exercise 1: a Bute-like film with iChalk
Production Exercise 2: a Reiniger-like film
Written Analysis 1: Second Class Mail
Production Exercise 3: Collaborative
Written Analysis 2: The Danish Poet

Online Work by Featured Female Animators
Mary Ellen Bute
Rhythm in Light (1934)
Dada (1936)
Tarantella (1940)
Lotte Reiniger
The Little Chimney Sweep (1954)
LaVerne Harding Woody the Giant Killer (1948)
Erica Russell Feet of Song (1988)
Faith and John Hubley Moonbird (1959)
Other Online Work
Hurd and Barre
Soda Jerks (1920)
Winsor McCay
Gertie the Dinosaur (1914)
Gertie on Tour (1921)
Otto Messmer Felix Revolts (1924?)
Walt Disney The Old Mill (1937)
Chuck Jones Duck Amuck (1953)
Len Lye A Colour Box (1935)
Alexeieff and Parker Le Nez (1963)
David Anderson Deadsy (1990)
Osamu Tezuka Jumping (1984)
Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein Balance (1989)
Bob Cannon Gerald McBoing-Boing (1951)
Peter Lord Going Equipped (1989)
Zdenko Gasparovic Satiemania (1978)

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