The Art and Science of Digital Imaging
Cognitive Science 197
ASH 126, MW 10:30-11:50
Fall 2005

TA: Evan Viera
evanviera (at) gmail (dot) com
extension: 6105
hours: Mon and Weds PM (6-10) in the lab

class email list: cs197f05 (at) lists (dot) hampshire (dot) edu

The following documents are all in pdf format. You will need Acrobat Reader to view them if you don't already have it.

Course Information Sheet
Syllabus (always IP)

assignment 1: scanning

project 1: color grading (click here for candidate reference images)
project 1: post mortem
project 2: children's book page
project 3: PSA
project 4: final project

handout 1: digital image representation
handout 2: the pixel
handout 3: scanning
handout 4: doing basic math on pixel values
handout 5: selections in photoshop
handout 6: compositing and blending
handout 7: rendering in After Effects

Last updated: Sunday, November 13, 2005