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Traveling Identities: Immigrants, Exiles and Sojourners
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Spring 2001

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Week Eleven: April 23

Screening of John Sayles's
(USA 1996, 137 min., color)
today at 2:30 in Ash Auditorium.

Check out the Film Notes and Study Questions. Discussion questions may serve as starting points for your journal entries.

Our final film for the semester is Julian Schnabel's recent film about Cuban exile writer Reinaldo Arenas, BEFORE NIGHT FALLS.



April 25

This week we will look at the history and politics of immigration and interethnic relations along the US-Mexican border. We will explore "border identities" in John Sayles's film Lone Star and Chicana writer Sandra Cisneros's short story "Never Marry a Mexican."

Please complete the following supplemental readings:

  • Sandra Cineros, "Never Marry a Mexican" (short story)
  • Excerpt from Gloria Anzaldua's "La concienza de la mestiza"
  • Review of Lone Star by Joan and Dennis West
  • "Borders and Boundaries: An Interview with John Sayles" by Dennis and Joan West
  • Vincent Parrillo, "The American Mosaic" (handout on Monday)

Additional Web Resources:

  • PBS site on the US-Mexican Border. Contains an interactive timeline (1500-present) and a morphing map among other resources.
  • Essay on the "burden of history" in Lone Star by Tomas Sandoval.
  • Informative course page on Lone Star by University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee professor Ingrid Erickson




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